Features of a Natural leather

We are constantly on the look-out for new leather; this is a priority in our strict selection process. The final appearance that leather achieves after some time is normal, and the wrinkles and natural markings, far from being imperfections, are proof that it is genuine leather. Differences in shade, ridges and small irregularities are not defects, but natural features in leather.
Washed leather is very much in fashion at the moment; washed leather items undergo a process that is very similar to being washed in water. The leather shrinks, typically unevenly, pockets and other parts may become deformed and the lining may become visible from the outside. The colour of the item may change and become stained. The process is applied after the item has been finished, which is why accessories have washing marks. Some other important features are the fact that the leather becomes thin and pliable, which makes it more fragile. Another style that is in fashion is leather with a waxed or scuffed finish, for a used look.
- Before using any product, try it on the inside or another inconspicuous part of the item.
- Iron on the inside using a cloth and a cool iron and no steam.
- Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or intense lighting as this can cause changes in the colour.
- Store in a dry, dark place to prevent mildew appearing.
- Items that are dirty or stained should be cleaned by a specialist.

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